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About Us
  Bussines undertaking established in 1991 owned by Prof. Dr. Mehmet Xhaferi, professor at the economical faculty, and his sons: Meriton, Mentar and Armend Xhaferi.

From 1991 up to 1999 Delta M dealt mainly with import and export of food provisions, mainly from Europe. From 1999 Delta M begins importing frozen meat from South America and East Asia.

Meat products
Momentary Delta M possesses a warehouse with refrigerator of 1000 tones and distributes food products, mainly meat and milk products, in all parts of Kosova.
  The main warehouse is located on the main road Prishtina- Fushe Kosovë (1/3 kilometer from Prishtina to Fushe Kosovë).

Aside from import Delta M also provides with food products the neighboring countries: Macedonia, Bulgaria, Albania, Serbia and Montenegro, etc.

Delta M is also equipped with transport means for distribution and has its own representatives in each city in Kosova and in the neighboring countries mentioned above.